cZeus Maths Challenger app is freely available to anyone, from 9 to 99 years old, to excel at mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills in a pleasurable and stimulating manner.

No prior formal maths training is required to solve cZeus puzzles other than basic arithmetic and logic. With cZeus, fewer people would lose their numeracy after leaving school due to lack of practice.

cZeus Maths Challenger is ideal for any social environment, e.g. friends and families circles, colleagues and coworkers. In the cZeus Community connect with players around the world. Challenge your friends and family, become a captain and create your teams, private competitions, or simply join one of the existing teams.

Start practising in the Training Camp, then participate as an individual or as a member of a team in the Tournament Hall in regular weekly challenges or public and private competitions. Analyse your performance or your teams’ performance against others.

Earn coins by playing puzzles, taking a daily quiz on maths and Greek methodology or watching free promotions. Spend your coins on accessorising your characters, buy more time and errors.

Enhance your gameplay with features such as hints for elusive puzzles, notes facility to track your guesses, save your favourite puzzles and endeavour to play both game modes Sprint or Marathon.

Finally, for convenience, you can play on multiple devices, with your gameplay fully synchronised.

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cZeus apps are now available on various platforms.

cZeus Maths Challenger

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