What is cZeus?

cZeus Puzzles
Are you tired of hearing ‘Millennials are lazy’, baffled by your six-year old’s homework or may be wondering if maths skills will come naturally once you finish school? It’s time to take action.

Improve your maths skills in minutes with cZeus Puzzles, play on the train, walking to school or while watching TV. The fun, grid-based puzzles exercise logic and notably improves on mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills.
cZeus Puzzles are formed of four simple rules; each puzzle aims to find the answer to a set of mystery questions by using the given clues.

Characters Hector and Europa will guide you through your cZeus adventure with the help of a whole bunch of customised avatars which you can unlock as you progress through the challenge.
There are six difficulty classes, offering players diverse levels of difficulty ranging from beginner puzzles that are great for regular numeracy practice to super-challenging puzzles suited for experts.

The first ‘Light Class’ will teach you the four simple rules needed to complete the puzzles and the fundamental cZeus Puzzles principles. If you need to brush up on the rules, this level can be revisited and replayed at any time. Light Class consists of 14 levels, as you complete a puzzle, the next will challenge you further with a larger and more sophisticated puzzle.
The next class, Mortal, is good for quick numeracy practice and requires some logic and a basic understanding of cZeus rules. Unsure on your times tables? Mortal is an entertaining alternative to refresh your knowledge.

The level of difficulty is cranked up for Hero Class; you will need to apply logical thinking and a good understanding of cZeus Puzzles to complete this level. DemiGod Class is extremely challenging, you will be hooked by this point!
Olympian and Titan Class, try if you dare. Both levels are made for maths wizards and serious puzzle players.

cZeus Puzzles will make you super confident with numbers and isn’t just for learning. It’s also fun and will keep you mentally active and entertained at the same time.

Challenge your friends to a Maths competition with the multiple players’ option.

Anyone of any age can have fun and improve their maths skills with cZeus Puzzles from schoolchildren to grandparents. There’s no age limit on becoming a ‘numbers champion’!

Get lost in the mystical world of cZeus and come out the other end with expert knowledge of maths!


The aim of cZeus game is to find all the missing mystery numbers by using the given clues and the rules.

Mystery Numbers

These are the unknown numbers located in small square tiles.

Your mission is to reveal these by using clues and applying cZeus Rules.

In this example puzzle on a 2 by 2 grid, there are 4 mystery numbers.

However two of the mystery numbers, 1 & 2, are already given, and so only 2 mystery numbers remain to be solved.

cZeus Puzzles Mystery Numbers

Mystery Pairs

These are any two neighbouring Mystery Numbers, connected vertically or horizontally.

A mystery pair always has a unique set of addition and multiplication values.
cZeus Puzzles Mystery Numbers e.g. mystery pair 1 and 4 is horizontally connected
cZeus Puzzles Mystery Pairs e.g. mystery pair 4 and 4 is vertically connected
Remember: A mystery pair can be made of any two identical or non-identical numbers.

Pair Clues

These are shown in the rectangles in between Mystery Pairs.

There are two types of Pair Clues:
Add clues
Add clues are the sum of a mystery pair

e.g.cZeus pair cluescZeus Puzzles   means cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles = cZeus Puzzles
cZeus Puzzles Pair Clues
A set of Pair Clues of a mystery pair is the combination of both its add and times clues.
Times clues
Times clues are the multiplication of a mystery pair

e.g. cZeus pair cluescZeus Puzzles means cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles = cZeus Puzzles
Don't forget:
A Mystery Pair always has a unique set of Pair Clues.

So, a Mystery Pair can be identified from its respective set of Pair Clues.

Square Clues

These are given on the central square tile surrounded by four Mystery Number tiles.

There are two types of Square Clues:

e.g. cZeus pair cluescZeus Puzzles is a square add clue             cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles = cZeus Puzzles

e.g. cZeus pair cluescZeus Puzzles is a square times clue            cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles cZeus pair clues cZeus Puzzles = cZeus Puzzles
cZeus Puzzles Mystery Numbers


Rule 1

Mystery numbers are whole numbers between 1 and 9. The same number can occur many times or not at all.
You are given few Pair Clues and Square Clues to identify these.

Rule 2

Mystery-pairs (whether horizontal or vertical) can occur only once in a puzzle. i.e. mystery pairs producing the same addition and multiplication values can’t be repeated.
cZeus Puzzles Mystery Numbers

Can have: 

Here there are two new Mystery pairs
& and &

So this is ok
cZeus Puzzles Mystery Numbers

Can't have: 

Here there are two repeating Mystery pairs
& and &

So this breaks Rule 2

Rule 3

cZeus-Square is an exception to Rule 2. The cZeus-Square can occur when a Mystery Number joins up with its-own identical number four times, and together they form a square.

cZeus Puzzles Rule 3

This is a cZeus Square.
It can occur once or not at all in a puzzle!
Aim to spot it quickly to score more points!

Rule 4

Each puzzle can only have one solution!

If you think you have
more than one solution
you have probably broken Rule 2.

How to Solve?

These videos may have older graphics as the game has been upgraded but the concept of solving the puzzles are same.

Mortal Class

Olympian Class

Sample Puzzles

Try out these sample cZeus puzzles of various sizes.

The sample puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to open and print these sample files. Visit Adobe to install free Adobe Reader software.

Download on App Store

cZeus apps are now available on various platforms.

cZeus Maths Challenger

cZeus School League


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