cZeus Maths Challenger

An essential hobby that continuously stimulates numeracy throughout life. cZeus nourishes mathematical skills as Scrabbles does for words.
It is for any age group from 9-99 years old. No prior formal maths training is required to solve cZeus puzzles other than basic numeracy and logic.

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cZeus School League

Are you tired of hearing 'Millennials are lazy', baffled by your six-year old’s homework or maybe wondering if maths skills will come naturally once you finish school?
It’s time to take action. Improve your maths skills in minutes with cZeus School League, play on the train, walking to school or while watching TV.

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cZeus Puzzles are:

cZeus is a patented puzzle


Frequently Asked Questions about all the interesting aspects of cZeus Maths Challenger.

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All you need to know about all three types of cZeus Competitions for individuals and teams.

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Simple way to learn maths

cZeus Maths Challenger is formed of four simple rules. The aim of each puzzle is to find the answer to a set of mystery numbers by using the given clues.
A puzzle a day will increase your numeracy skills and boost your confidence before you know it!

cZeus, the game changer

The trendsetting app, regularly referred to as the maths equivalent to the crossword, challenges the traditional methods of learning maths with an entertaining, competitive and slightly addictive educational game.
Whether you are preparing for an exam, brushing up on numbers or boosting brain power, playing cZues Maths Challenger will exercise logic and notably improve on mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills.

Improve your performance

Keeping score and playing against friends and family is the perfect way to improve your performance in agility and accuracy with numbers and much more!

Teachers love cZeus Maths Challenger

cZeus Maths Challenger offers an unconventional method with easy differentiation for all student abilities to inspire students on a journey to become a maths genius. The engaging team exercises encourage students find solutions to the mystery numbers.

Welcome to the cZeus community

The unique app allows friends, families, schools, even businesses, to create their own teams, weekly maths challenges and exciting competitions, inspiring the whole community to make numbers their ally.

Adults become smarter at maths

cZeus Maths Challenger is a quick and easily accessible puzzle designed to help adults maintain their numeracy and logic skills improving on personal life, employment opportunities and overall wellbeing.


Professor John Greenman

cZeus is a thoroughly absorbing game based on a smart idea and has the potential to take the player further along the path to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics...

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Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Stirling University.

Professor Jon Greenman
Professor Ray Turner

cZeus puzzles offer a great alternative way for practising basic numeracy skills as well learning more complicated mathematical concepts such as algebra and basic number theory...

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Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Computer Science, Essex University.

Professor Ray Turner, PhD Maths, PhD Philosophy
cZeus Puzzles

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